Welcome to our page showcasing some of our handmade calligraphy artwork. We would love for you to find inspiration from what we do and the message we convey through our art. We both really believe in the power of words to encourage, to comfort, to enlighten and to inspire!

We are a husband and wife team with Julia doing the actual artwork. Our passion for lettering started off from a lettering workshop we went to on Valentines’ day and grew into a hobby. As friends and family started asking for pieces, we decided to turn it into a business and it grew from there and here we are today 

On our shop page we have a selection of a few of our popular items but if you have any particular custom orders you would like made, please send us a private message and we would be more than happy to discuss it with you.

We are a small and growing family business so would really appreciate you spreading the word to others in your world that could be interested. We are on Instagram and Facebook so please follow us! 

Happy shopping,

Julia and Dayalan


I have personally bought a piece from mustard seed and highly recommend the work that is being produced. There is great attention to detail, the artwork is both creative and thought-provoking, and the framing is good quality! I also like the way mustard seed is evolving and birthing new ideas!

– Manoj

Just wanted to say I love my Liverpool piece of artwork and it has pride of place in my Living Room. Looks fab, finished beautifully and worth every penny spent on it. Would highly recommend this to any true Liverpool fan.

– Matthew

Bought a calligraphy liver bird with YNWA lyrics Looks awesome and have recommended to friends & family - puts a smile on my face every time I see it which is great in the current climate.

– Faisal